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Main Street Claysville

     Main Street Claysville around 1900 
Prominent building on right has been replaced by Bank Building (now Community Bank) 
Message on back of Postcard 
"Claysville was (and still is) located on the line of the Cumberland Road which forms it's Main Street. This town was named in honor of Henry Clay, the unrivaled champion of the road.  Claysville was one of the stage stations.  This town is 18 miles east of Wheeling (WV) and 6 miles from West Alexander (PA and 10 miles west of Washington, PA).  The town was laid out in 1817 and remained unincorporated till 1832. "

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Later we will add photos of Sunset Beech, Coon Island and nearby areas.  Photos Past and present, Cemeteries- (lists and obits)
Biographies of Claysville sons and daughters.
Excerpts from "Our Church and Our Village " Claysville Pa by Birch

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